VXMST currently
not available

Dear business partner,

supply problems traditionally make the search for Christmas gifts difficult. Unfortunately, these delivery bottlenecks are now also affecting one of our desk series. We would therefore like to inform you that the sit-stand desks in our…

VXMST series are currently not available.

This concerns the following articles:
VXMST12/*/S; VXMST16/*/S; VXMST19/*/S; VXMST2E/*/S; VXMST22/*/S.

Not affected is our VXMST6 series mini for working at home. We expect supplies for the VXMST series in the new year and can expect to be able to supply you from calendar week 3 2022. In the meantime, we would like to recommend our VXDSM series with memory switch as an alternative!

We wish you a Merry Christmas and above all a healthy one!

Your Hammerbacher Team with
Ursula and Bernhard Hammerbacher