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Single pictures, milieu pictures and assembling instructions for our products.

In order to use our image data, please first register for our new media library.

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1. Send in media data usage declaration

To use our media library, please read the terms of use carefully and fill in the form below.

Use of our media data

  • Data processing is only possible with your express consent. You can use an already granted Consent to the storage of contact data can be revoked at any time. For this purpose, an informal notification by e-mail suffices.
  • Any use of our media data (image/video) and homepage information is only available to you in connection with the storage of your contact data. If your contact details are deleted, the right to use our data expires immediately.
  • All media data (image/video) are our property and may not be passed on to third parties for their use.
  • Our media data may only be used as long as you purchase the respective products directly from us and not through third parties.
  • The right of use extends exclusively to your own internet shop and your own domain. Supplements of the domain with the name “Hammerbacher” are excluded.
  • Use of our media data in your offer or as an appendix to your offer is permitted.
  • The processing of the media data is only permitted with our express written consent.
  • Our company logo “Hammerbacher” may not be used! (Separate application under: 2. use of our logo)
  • Our truck with “Immediate delivery from stock” may only be used after consultation and with our written consent can be used.
  • Photographs of persons from our brochures/website may not be used. – As a matter of principle, Cabinet Wall Profi may not be placed on the Internet.
  • The use of media data and brochures on sales platforms such as “Mercateo”, “Amazon” and “ebay” as well as comparable sales platforms is not permitted without our express written consent.
  • This agreement on rights of use may be terminated by either party with one month’s notice. will be. The right to terminate without notice in the event of serious breaches of this user rights agreement, such as the unauthorised transfer of media data to third parties or their use on sales platforms, remains is not affected by this regulation.
  • Develop your own private label! Give the Hammerbacher furniture ranges their own names.
  • Use your own GTIN numbers.
  • The furniture will be shipped by us neutrally!


  • Based on our sales price list, we recommend not to exceed a discount of 30%. We emphasize, that this is only a recommended retail price.
  • Use of our image data in your offer or as an appendix to your offer is permitted.
  • The furniture will be shipped by us neutrally!

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3. Activation by us

After sending your registration we have to activate you. After activation by us you will receive a separate e-mail with the link to the registration. From this point on you can register with your data in our image database.

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